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Your HSA is not subject to normal minimum investment requirements.

Vanguard 500 Admiral Shares
Vanguard Balanced Fund
Vanguard Social Fund
Vanguard Total Stock Market
American Balance Fund
Dimensional Global Equity Portfolio
Dimensional 2030 Target Date
Dimensional 2035 Target Date
Dimensional 2040 Target Date
Dimensional 2045 Target Date
Dimensional 2050 Target Date
Dimensional 2055 Target Date
Dimensional 2060 Target Date
Dimensional One Year Fixed
Dimensional US Core Equity One

Account Owner acknowledges that a wide array of investment options is made available for the investment of funds held in the HSA. Account Owner understands and agrees that the Custodian is not providing any investment advice to Account Owner or any Authorized Agent and that Custodian is not an investment adviser registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Account Owner also acknowledges that some of the mutual funds or other investment options that are offered for purchase in the HSA may pay marketing and administrative services or other “revenue sharing” fees, including but not limited to so-called “12b-1” fees to the Custodian in connection with an investment in such funds.

Security products: Not insured by FDIC or any federal government agency; may lose value; not a deposit of or guaranteed by the bank or any bank affiliate.