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Health Savings Account (HSA)

With ongoing changes in healthcare, a health savings account (HSA) is increasingly more important. It’s not only a triple tax advantaged account, it’s part of a comprehensive retirement package. We’re the resource you need to save for today and invest for tomorrow.

Plus, our risk-based model portfolios are built using low cost, best-in-class funds from BlackRock, Dimensional, Pimco, Vanguard® and more. The portfolios are designed to maximize gain and minimize loss to provide good, long-term, risk-adjusted performance consistent with each portfolio’s custom benchmark.

Interest-bearing cash account and optional debit card

Investment account with FIRST DOLLAR INVESTING and no minimum balance required

No investment transaction fees

We offer 5 model portfolios ranging from conservative to aggressive

We offer a diverse mix of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, cash, real assets and alternatives

We use a rigorous fund screening process and portfolio back testing to maximize performance and minimize cost

We regularly review each portfolio’s asset allocation and performance, rebalancing as needed to help meet your investment objectives

While invested, your money remains available for your use, or it can grow tax-deferred for future use