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Start The Process

Implementing your HSA management services program is easy—although it requires a few important steps to ensure you and your clients get exactly what you need.

Process at a Glance

Step 1: Register Your Firm

Request a copy of the Investment Firm Establishment Guide (IFEG) from our sales team to get started.

Step 2: Register Your Advisors

You’ll receive registration details so your Advisors can register and gain access to the Advisor Portal.

Step 3: Register Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsors complete the Plan Establishment Guide (PEG) and register.

Step 4: Enroll Participants

Plan Sponsors enroll participants.

Step 5: Access Accounts, Receive Payment

Advisors access the Advisor Portal and provide ongoing access and support.


The IRS has extended the tax deadline from April 15th to July 15th. Individuals may continue to make 2019 HSA contributions through July 15, 2020. Read more about Covid-19