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Our Approach

Why HSA xChange?

Turnkey Solution

  • Fast, low-cost entry to market
  • Platform, record-keeping and service solution built specifically for the unique needs of HSAs and financial institutions

Open Architecture Investment Platform

  • Develop your own investment program(s) across brand name fund families
  • Allow alliance partners to create their own investment programs
  • Customize investment programs by employer group to mimic 401(k) investments


  • Includes debit card integration within the investment platform to accommodate spenders, savers and investors
  • First dollar investing capabilities—no minimum balance required to access investment options
  • Ease of money movement and allocation among cash (debit card) and investments


  • Configure various HSA programs with different service options and fee schedules by employer groups or individuals and extend that capability to your channel partners
  • Co-brand/”powered by” platform available

Service and Support

  • Person-to-person customer service
  • Sales training seminars to help you engage the market (on-site and remote)